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Three Generations Newborn Photography

Nicholas came into the studio for his newborn portraits with Mom, Dad and Grandpa and Grandma.  It was such a privilege to photograph three generations in this newborn photo session.  Grandpa and Grandma were so in love with Nicholas and it shows in the tender images.  The beautiful connection between baby and grandparents really shows.

We had so much fun with Nicholas.  We used a neutral pallet of grays and creams to show off his rosy skin and silky dark hair. Plus, we used a Christmas theme to show the time of year he was born.  His adorable cheeks were almost too much!  We wanted to try something new, so we put Nicholas in a wreath of greens and mom and dad were so happy with the images.  Truly stunning!!

Mom and Dad are so photogenic!  The photos really show their loving bond as  a new family. And how cute is the name Nicholas for a Christmas baby?

Grandparents and Newborns

Three generations were photographed in this session. Grandmother and Grandfather were so excited to be part of it. It was Christmas time and what an amazing gift!

You can find me by searching the web for Three Generations Newborn Photography or Newborn Photography in Vancouver WA or Portland, OR. Please visit my image galleries at WWW.CONNIEMINTZPHOTOGRAPHY.COM.

If you would like to schedule a newborn session, it’s best to contact me a few months in advance.

If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment feel free to call me at 360-606-7313, or use this Contact Form
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  • Maria Martinez - How neat to not only have Nicholas and his parents at his newborn session, but his grandparents too! The green pine is beyond adorable for his set up!!ReplyCancel

  • Allison Anderson - What an honour it must have been for grandma and grandpa to have professional newborn photos done with their new grand baby! I think you picked the perfect colours for him, but the photo of him in the green branches is striking. Wonderful newborn photography!ReplyCancel

  • Corey - Beautiful newborn session! And what great memories you captured with the generational portraits! So special!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - What a lovely idea! Three generations of beautiful family in one stunning newborn photography session. I love each image, but I absolutely adore the photo of Baby as the centerpiece of a lovely evergreen wreath. I just love the clean simplicity of all of these, focusing on family ties and joy-filled eyes. Lovely work.ReplyCancel

  • Samantha - These newborn photos are so sweet! As always your photos reflect the pure innocence and beauty of this baby!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny Storment - I love this three generation newborn session! What a great idea to include the grandparents on a newborn session since a new addition is a big deal for them too it mark their moment of becoming grandparents.ReplyCancel

Baby Bump Photography

Pregnancy is the most unique and intimate experience of a woman’s life. You have created life inside of you and will spend the next 9 months nurturing both of you.  It’s filled with tremendous highs and much emotion. It’s an incredible journey with the most amazing result at the end of the road! Baby bump photography is an amazing way to capture the essence of your relationship with your unborn child, highlight the beauty of pregnancy, and document the journey of creation.

That’s why it’s important to find a photographer that will make you feel comfortable yet confident during this photo session. Connie Mintz Photography would like to work with you! We would like to make you look and feel beautiful! We provide our services in Portland, Oregon; Vancouver, Washington; and the surrounding areas. We understand the needs of our pregnant clients. We strive to create a comfortable and welcoming environment in all of our sessions so that everyone can feel fresh and relaxed. I believe that a pregnant body is nothing to be shy about; it’s one of nature’s most unique and beautiful creations and a joy to photograph. We even offer beautiful maternity dresses, skirts and props that we can incorporate into your photographs as well.

Elisabeth came into the studio for baby bump photos. she is the mother of two small children. It’s very exciting that they don’t know the sex of the baby. She told us how she has very little time for herself. She had never had professional portraits taken of her other two children or while she was pregnant. Since this most likely will be their last child, she decided to hire a professional photographer for baby bump portraits. And doesn’t she look radiant and gorgeous?

maternity, pregnancy, baby, dresses

This beautiful mother to be, came into the studio for Baby Bump Portraits. Already a mother of two little ones, she decided to have professional newborn portratis and maternity photos. She hadn’t done either with the first two and considering that this might be her last, she wanted to record the memory of her gorgeous baby bump! We used maternity gowns, dresses, high key photography and fans to create the images. So happy to make this awesome mom feel and look gorgeous!

You can find me by searching the web for Baby Bump Photography or Newborn Photographer in Vancouver WA. Please visit my image galleries at

If you would like to schedule a baby bump session, it’s best to contact me a few months in advance.  That way we can work together to schedule a time, usually 28-34 weeks into your pregnancy. This is the perfect time because you should still be feeling good, you can use your cutest maternity outfits, and your bump will be beautifully round!

If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment feel free to call me at 360-606-7313, or send me an email through my contact page.
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  • Megan - I’m so in love with these maternity portraits! Your lighting and coloring is just spot on! Also, how cool is your vancouver, wa studio!? Great work!!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Rittenberry - I love what you have done for Maternity sessions and giving it the cute name of Baby Bump Photography. You really hit the nail on the head with your description of how a woman’s life changes from thinking of herself to focusing on taking care of two while growing this little life inside of her. Elisabeth is absolutely glowing in her maternity session and looked great in every single outfit; I know she doesn’t regret one bit for choosing you as her Vancouver WA Maternity Photographer for her baby bump!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - You do such beautiful work!! This expecting Mama has the most perfect little baby bump! The top right images is my favorite! That white gown is stunning! It looks like it was make specifically for her! I am sure this Portland Mama is absolutely thrilled with the portraits that you have provided for her! It;s so important to document this special time in her life! Amazing job!ReplyCancel

  • Deanna Woodworth - Connie, I had no idea you are on the West coast servicing Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, and Washington. You are so right, pregnancy is such a special time and it definitely deserves to be documented. This soon to be mom of 3 is absolutely radiant in these images you captured. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer horner - What beautiful maternity photos you’ve captured here, her baby bump is gorgeous and she’s glowing!ReplyCancel

  • Allison Anderson - She looks incredible for expecting her third baby and Connie Mintz photography is such a talented maternity photographer! It is great that she wanted to remember how beautiful she is while pregnant. I too only had professional maternity photos done with my third baby, but I knew that pregnancy was going to be my last one.ReplyCancel

  • Christine D - She looks incredible! And this is baby number three? Wow! I am sure Elizabeth is glad she opted to do maternity portraits, and I have no doubt she is thrilled that she chose Connie Mintz Photography to do it!ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Painter - Elisabeth looks absolutely stunning in her maternity photographs! I love the soft dreamy feel of these baby bump photographs!ReplyCancel

  • Maria - Elisabeth is glowing and a gorgeous mama to be! I cannot believe she has two little kiddos already! This was a lovely maternity session for her and she will always have them to look back on!ReplyCancel

  • Corey - Beautiful expecting mama – and I love that she made maternity portraits a priority for this last baby! She looks absolutely radiant!ReplyCancel

  • Jiyeon - Lovely baby bump photos! Vancouver WA is lucky to have you as a maternity and newborn photographer!ReplyCancel

Baby Photographer Vancouver Washington

This little guy came to visit us in the studio for his pushing up milestone. He has the cutest smile and most beautiful eyes. It didn’t take much to get this guy smiling and we got so many cute images. We will be seeing him again at his sitting up milestone, since we are so lucky to have this cutie on our baby plan.

Babies are the cutest subjects to photograph. Babies bring joy and dreams to our hearts and proud parents want to forever keep these moments!

As a baby photographer, nothing makes me happier than capturing baby’s  unique personality and beauty. Photographing babies energizes me because the possibilities are infinite. When you see the photos I take, I want you to remember how little they were with their tiny toes, silky tuft of hair, and heavenly smiles, which will be the memories of the new life you celebrate.

Your baby’s photographs are a journey into the past, so make sure you choose a baby photographer that will document these special moments, capturing every detail. Because I know the importance of this phase in your life, I celebrate you, your baby, your love, and your milestones through my lens.

I always aim to capture genuine connections between my subjects, so my sessions result in a unique mixture of both classic portraiture and more lifestyle-based imagery. There is nothing I enjoy more than bringing out a baby’s true personality and to convey that in photographs.

My studio is the little haven where I capture and create your family’s cherished moments, but I also photograph on location. Vancouver, Washington has a plethora of gorgeous locations.

3 month photos on back

Brody looking super adorable!

milestone sessionY

You can find me on google by searching for Baby Photographer Vancouver Washington or you can go straight to my website by clicking here: If you would like more information please contact me on the phone at  360-606-7313 or use the Contact Us link:


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  • Samantha - These photos of this Vancouver, Washington baby are perfect! This baby looks so beautiful and happy and his eyes are drop dead gorgeous. I love how you were able to capture the sparkle in his eye with your talent!ReplyCancel

  • Deanna - Oh goodness, isn’t he the cutest thing ever! This milestone session really shows his personality. You’re a fantastic Baby Photographer in Vancouver Washington. I love your work!ReplyCancel

  • Diane Bartoo - Oh, my goodness! He is such an adorable baby boy! This is such a precious Baby Photography session in Vancouver, Washington! His expressions are so cute, and he definitely looks like one happy baby! You’ve captured a wonderful milestone session and I’m sure his parents adored these baby photos!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny Storment - OK stop it right now there is too much cuteness in this blog post. This little guys milestone baby photography session turned out too adorable. The second photos is definitely my favorite with his little tongue sticking out way too cute!ReplyCancel

  • Megan - OH MY! What a sweet and smiley little baby! You have such a way with newborns and baby portraiture that you always get them to smile in your photography sessions! I need to come take a lesson if i’m ever in vancouver Washington!ReplyCancel

  • Maria - This baby photography session in Vancouver is so adorable! Naked babies on their tummies is my favorite shot!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Rittenberry - What a cute little guy! I love milestone sessions and the way it documents our children all throughout their first year; they change so much so quickly! It looks like this Portland resident was enjoying his baby photography session, too!ReplyCancel

  • Christine D - Milestones are so important to capture! Having a portrait session to record them is something no family will ever regret. I can see why Vancouver, WA families stick with you from newborn portraits all the way through the first year to the cake smash!ReplyCancel

  • Alyssa - There was definitely a connection with you and this handsome little guy! He is just so adorable! This Vancouver family is so lucky to have you capture all his milestones! Can’t wait to see him sitting up!ReplyCancel

  • Esther - What an adorable baby!! Vancouver is blessed to have your talents.ReplyCancel

  • Melanie - My first reaction when this page loaded was “awww!” and I bet that’s that this Vancouver family said when they first saw their baby’s photographs! These are timeless portraits and oh so sweet!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - Connie, that second photo is priceless!! This little guy has the best smile and you totally captured his adorable little personality in your images. I love milestone packages, they are such a great way to remember all the little details of your baby, since children change so quickly!ReplyCancel

  • Corey - What a doll! That smile of his is contagious and his little tongue sticking out is too cute! Looks like a successful portrait session!ReplyCancel

  • laura - connie, i do see a genuine connection between you and this beautiful baby. what a treasured keepsake you have created for this family. these two baby portraits are priceless with that smile of his. your baby photography is amazing.ReplyCancel

In July 2015, I started working as the photographer for, “Felida Fine Living” – A Social Magazine for the Residents of the Felida/Salmon Creek Area. I was asked to be the photographer for the, “Meet Your Neighbors” article, featuring one of the Felida or Salmon Creek neighborhood families each month.

Little did I know how rewarding it would be meeting my neighbors! Felida/Salmon Creek is a small neighborhood in Vancouver Washington. Our kids go to Felida or Chinook Elementary and Skyview or Columbia River High School. It is truly a small well connected community and I feel so fortunate to be meeting these wonderful families!

August 2015 Issue- Felida Fine Living

My first assignment was the Foote family. Even though they live a few short blocks from my home, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them before the photo shoot. The Foote family started, The Trey Foote Foundation, in memory of their son Trey, who lost a battle with cancer, in hopes of bringing awareness to childhood cancer. The foundation helps fund an annual college scholarship for a chosen Skyview High School senior.

The Foote family in their Vancouver home.

The Foote family in their Vancouver home.


September 2015 Issue-Felida Fine Living

The September issue of Felida Fine Living, featured the Millers. The Millers have lived on the same property for six generations! What started out as a homestead and an orchard of Italian prunes, ended as an upscale planned community. Still to this day, there are four families, the Millers and their children’s families living on the property in four homes. In the middle of modern development, the original barn that was moved to be among the four homes is now a gathering place for dinners and family gatherings.

The Millers in front of the family barn from the 1890

The Millers in front of the family barn from the 1890’s.

October 2015 Issue – Felida Fine Living

Seven sets of twins from one neighborhood, on one block was the feature story for October. Imagine moving to a street and discovering that you are one set of seven twins!

Seven Sets of twins living on the same block!

Seven Sets of twins living on the same block!

November 2015 Issue – Felida Fine Living

The lovely Cornelius family were the featured family for November. They have four darling children aged 1 to 10 years old. There is much anticipation as they await the building a custom home in the neighborhood they love.

Fort Vancouver photo session with the Cornelius family

Fort Vancouver photo session with the Cornelius family

December 2015 Issue – Felida Fine Living

The Vilhauer family has been living in the Felida community for more than 60 years! Sam and Joni had known each other since sixth grade. Sam has built over 250 homes in Vancouver, WA.

Joni and her daughter run the upscale fashion retail shop called Modao.

The Vilhauer family in Felida

The Vilhauer family in Felida

January 2016 Issue – Felida Fine Living

The January issue is one of my favorites! I met Bob and Jonelle on a sunny Fall day  when we got together for a photo session. Janelle is very active on a dragon boat team and Bob enjoys landscape photography. It didn’t take long for us to start talking shop. Bob and I have already been out shooting landscapes at the grist mill with amazing fall colors.. The most fun was heading to Vancouver Lake to take photos of the dragon boat team. I went out on the boat to capture the excitement of an early morning dragon boat ride.

Bob and Jonelle enjoying their retirement either paddling with the Dragon Boat Team or shooting Landscape Photography.

Bob and Jonelle enjoying their retirement either paddling with the Dragon Boat Team or shooting Landscape Photography.

You can find me on google by searching for Vancouver or Portland Family Photographer or you can go straight to my website by clicking here:

If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact me, a full price list is sent to every inquiry. If you’d like to call and chat on the phone my number is 360-606-7313.  If I’m in a session I don’t answer my phone I’ll get back to you!




  • Samantha - Wow, what an awesome opportunity to capture so many beautiful families for the Felida Fine Living Magazine. I am loving the “Meet Your Neighbors” concept, which will truly enhance the community bond. And seriously, how awesome is it that you get to capture so many sweet families that you may even already know! Gorgeous family photography!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - How fun Connie, they all look amazing, you did a wonderful job with all the family images.ReplyCancel

  • Jenny Storment - What a fun project to be part of, the Felida Fine Living Magazine looks like a great way for the community to get to know people in their neighborhood.ReplyCancel

  • Dawn Hindman - What a neat concept of Felida Fine Living! So neat to be able to get to know a little bit more about your community and your neighbors.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - Amazing, this has got to be one of the most creative things I have ever seen. And a fabulous way for the community to “meet” their neighbors. Congratulations on the cover photos.ReplyCancel

  • Christine D - How fun to literally “Meet Your Neighbors” and then see your work on the magazine! These are beautiful images showing off these families. Such a great job!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - What a fabulous opportunity to be a part of, taking gorgeous photos and getting to know your neighbors, what could be better?ReplyCancel

  • Patty - What a cool job!! Getting to meet your neighbors AND photographing them too!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - What wonderful looking families! You showcased them all very well!ReplyCancel

  • Brenden - What a great idea to feature local families. Such a great way to foster a sense of community. You did such a beautiful job on the portraits for the cover. All of them are beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Corey - I love the concept of Felida Fine Living! What a great opportunity to “meet” different local families!ReplyCancel

  • Juanita - Where can one find this magazine? This is the 1sy I’ve heard of it.ReplyCancel

Autumn is here! It’s already time to schedule your family’s favorite Mini Sessions before the holidays sneak up on us.

Our extremely popular family Mini Sessions will sell out quickly. So schedule yours now for one of the available time slots (below).

It’s the perfect way to capture your family as you are now, and to create the most beautiful holiday cards.

Just choose your time below, and e-mail us at to secure your preferred time slot!

**Openings are limited, and booked on a first-come first-serve basis.
Select your preferred time below. Email us at or call 360-606-7313  to confirm your Mini Session!

Fall mini 3 images

Saturday, October 17

3:00 taken

3:45 taken


5:15 taken



Sunday, October 25

3:00 taken

3:45 taken


5:15 taken





  • Ashley Bouchard - Is the mini session taken in studio or outside? Also, will I get a copy of the chosen photo to print myself or am I reqiured to buy from you? Thank you.ReplyCancel