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Welcome Guide

Hello and Welcome to Connie Mintz Portraits!

Thank you for scheduling a custom portrait session. We offer a phone consultation prior to your session (around 1-2 weeks before your session date). Be sure to look this over so we can assist you in making clothing choices and answer all your questions. We are here to assist you every step of the way!

Thank you!

Connie Mintz Portraits

STEP ONE: How to Prepare

For a complete detailed list of what to wear, general guidelines and a summary of the entire process, please click on the link below and bookmark the form for your reference:


Vancouver Family Studio Portraits

STEP TWO: Family Questionnaire

It might seem like we are asking a lot of questions about your family. In order to create a truly meaningful portrait, showing love and connection, it really helps if we know a little about your family and each person's personality. What are your family hobbies? Does someone play an instrument or dance? Do you have pets you want to include? We will be sending you a family questionnaire so that we know a bit about each of you, especially the kids!


STEP THREE: Take pictures of your wall

Would you like to see what your portraits will look like displayed in your home? Please follow these instruction and text us your walls. These images help you choose wall portrait sizes at your ordering appointment. You will be able to finalize your order with confidence, seeing the portraits where you plan to display them.

To see how easy this is, just watch a short movie about how it works.

STEP FOUR: Design and Order

You will view your portraits at a personally attended slideshow either on the same day or within two weeks of your session. You will see your beautiful portraits displayed on your walls in your home using our state of the art program. This is when you will place your order, so please make sure all decision makers are present since studio promotional offers are only available at this time. Artwork is ordered after full payment is made (payment plans can be arranged).

Photographic art in Living room

STEP FIVE: Product Delivery

For your convenience, we drop ship your portraits to your home so you don't need to make another trip to the studio and we have a 100% happiness guarantee!

Please call or text us at 971-266-1861 if you have any questions! We will be in touch to set up your consultation 2 weeks before your session to confirm your appointment time. Here is a link to our Portrait Guide where you will see examples and information about our studio.

Thank you,